Guideline on Common Financial Management Business Process 3.3 - Manage Other Payments

Constitutes the model for Manage Other Payments, which involved common payment transactions not covered by Manage Interdepartmental Settlements (Business Process 2.2), Manage Procure to Payment (Business Process 3.3), Manage Travel (Business Process 3.2), Pay Administration (Business Process 5.1), and Manage Grants and Contributions (Business Process 6.1).
Date modified: 2010-05-30
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Long description for image: Figure 10. Issue Payment (Subprocess 3.3.7) – Level 3 Process Flow

The figure is a process flow diagram consisting of activities, connectors, inputs, outputs, gateways and decisions.

This diagram depicts the Level 3 process flow for Subprocess 3.3.7 – Issue Payment, which is launched by a connector from Subprocess 3.3.6 – Perform Payment Authority and the output labelled “Payment requisition.” The flow advances to Activity – Issue Payment, which produces an output labelled “Payment to payee,” and then continues to Activity – Process Return Payment File.

The flow continues to Activity – Finalize Payment, followed by the decision titled “Quality assurance performed?” The NO flow for this decision leads to a connector for Business Process 8.1 – Manage Post-Payment Verification and then continues with the YES flow to Business Process 8.2 – Manage Financial Close, ending both Subprocess 3.3.7 – Issue Payment and Business Process 3.3 – Manage Other Payments.

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