Long description for image: Figure 12: Issue Payment (Subprocess 3.1.9) - Level 3 Process Flow

The figure is a process flow diagram with activities, connectors, inputs/outputs and decisions.

This diagram depicts the Level 3 process flow for Subprocess 3.1.9 – Issue Payment, launched by the connector from Subprocess 3.1.8 – Perform Payment Authority and the output of a payment requisition. The flow advances to Activity – Issue Payment, which produces output in the form of a payment to vendor, and then to Activity – Process Return Payment File.

The flow continues to Activity – Finalize Payment and the decision titled “Quality assurance performed?”. The NO flow for this decision leads to the connector for Business Process 8.1 – Manage Post-Payment Verification and then continues with the YES flow to Business Process 8.2 – Manage Financial Close, which signals the end both of Subprocess 3.1.9 – Issue Payment and Business Process 3.1 – Manage Procure to Payment.

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