Long description for image: Figure 10: Manage Payables (Subprocess 3.1.7) - Level 3 Process Flow

The figure is a process flow diagram with activities, connectors, inputs/outputs and decisions.

This diagram depicts the Level 3 process flow for Subprocess 3.1.7 – Manage Payables, which is launched by the connector from Subprocess 3.1.6 – Administer Contracts and Deliverables and the input of an invoice or a credit memo, triggering Activity – Verify That Supporting Documentation Is Complete.

The flow advances to the decision titled “Complete?”. The NO flow for this decision goes to Activity – Resolve Discrepancies, and then revisits the decision Complete? before continuing with the YES flow to four sequential activities:

The flow advances to the decision titled “Change vendor master data file?”, where the YES flow goes to the connector for Business process 7.1 – Manage Vendor Master Data File before advancing with the NO flow to three sequential activities:

The flow continues to the decision titled “All information is accurate, valid and complete?”. The NO flow for this decision goes first to Activity – Resolve Discrepancies and then revisits the earlier decision titled “Complete?”. The YES flow continues to Activity – Exercise or Obtain Authority, which results in output in the form of certification pursuant to section 34 of the FAA.

The flow advances to the decision titled “Commitment adjustment required?”, where the YES flow has a connector to Subprocess 3.1.4 – Manage Commitments before continuing with the NO flow to the output of a request for payment, and then to a connector for Subprocess 3.1.8 – Perform Payment Authority.

Activity also has a connector from Subprocess 3.1.8 –Perform Payment Authority.

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