Guideline on Common Financial Management Business Process 3.1 - Manage Procure to Payment

This guideline defines Manage Procure to Payment, which begins with the identification of procurement need and ends with a finalized payment issued by the Receiver General for expenditures that involve operational or capital procurement using a purchase order or other type of contract.
Date modified: 2012-01-10
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Long description for image: Figure 5. Determine/Exercise Expenditure Initiation Authority (Subprocess 3.1.2) - Level 3 Process Flow

The figure is a process flow diagram comprising activities, connectors, inputs/outputs and decisions.

This diagram depicts the Level 3 process flow for Subprocess 3.1.2 – Determine/Exercise Expenditure Initiation Authority. It starts with a connector from Subprocess 3.1.1 – Determine Requirements, which flows to Activity – Determine Required Expenditure Initiation Authority and then to the decision titled “Can authority be obtained or exercised?”. The NO flow for this decision ends both the subprocess and the Manage to Procure business process. The YES flow advances to Activity – Exercise or Obtain Authority and then to the connector for Subprocess 3.1.3 – Verify Unencumbered Balance and Subprocess 3.1.4 – Manage Commitments. Completion of both subprocesses triggers Activity – Submit Requisition for Goods/Services, resulting in the output of a requisition for goods/services. Subprocess 3.1.2 – Determine/Exercise Expenditure Initiation Authority continues to subprocess 3.1.5 – Manage Contracts.

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