Frequently Asked Questions – Policy Framework for People Management

Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Policy Framework for People Management.
Date modified: 2010-07-16
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1. What is the Policy Framework for People Management?

The Framework is a key part of the Treasury Board Secretariat policy suite renewal initiative. It provides strategic direction to deputy heads and helps to clarify roles and responsibilities for people management. It also provides the structure under which all future Treasury Board people management policies will flow.

It is also a major part of the People Management Policy Review Project, which aims to streamline existing policies and reduce the number of rules governing people management within the core public administration and, for certain policy areas, in all organizations in the federal public service.  

2. How was the Framework developed?

The Policy Framework for People Management follows the model used for all Treasury Board policy frameworks. It is based on research of best practices, common principles, sound risk management practices and legislative authorities, such as the Public Service Modernization Act. Stakeholders consulted during the development of the document included the Human Resources Council and bargaining agents. It also incorporates input from deputy heads via the Public Service Renewal Committee and the Public Service Management Advisory Committee.

3. How will the Framework improve people management?

Effective people management is the cornerstone of a high performing public service.

The Policy Framework for People Management supports people management by guiding deputy heads to manage their people in a way that best responds to the needs in their organizations and accomplishes their business objectives.

It does this by clarifying the governance of people management and deputy heads' roles and responsibilities. Most importantly, it outlines the principles that will guide approaches to people management across the core public administration.

4. To whom does the Policy Framework apply?

The Policy Framework for People Management applies to the core public administration and is intended to provide strategic direction to deputy heads to enable them to fulfill their responsibility for people management. 

It will guide the review and renewal of Treasury Board people management policies. It will also serve as a reference tool for other parties involved in people management, such as the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Privy Council Office, the Canada School of Public Service, the Public Service Commission, along with the Human Resources Council, bargaining agents and various tribunals, boards and commissions.

5. When did the Policy Framework come into effect?

The Policy Framework for People Management came into effect on July 19, 2010.

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