Rescinded - TBITS 23: Information Technology Vocabulary - Implementation Criteria

Presents English terms and French terms, as well as their definitions, that pertain specifically to the area of information technology.
Date modified: 1992-11-01

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1. Reference

1.1 Name

  • Information Technology Vocabulary

1.2 Identifier

  • TBITS-23

1.3 Category

  • Standard

1.4 Effective date

  • November 1, 1992

1.5 Approving authority

  • Treasury Board of Canada

1.6 Maintenance agency

  • Information Technology Management Treasury Board Secretariat

1.7 Cross index

  • CAN/CSA Z243.58, Information Technology Vocabulary
  • ISO/IEC 2382, Information processing systems C Vocabulary parts 01 to 22

1.8 Related documents

  • TBITS-0, General Description of the Treasury Board Information Technology Standards Publications
  • X3/TR-1, American National Dictionary for Information processing

2. Purpose

2.1 This Treasury Board Information Technology Standard (TBITS-23) endorses the information technology terminology, as specified in CAN/CSA Z243.58, for use by the Government of Canada. As such, CAN/CSA Z243.58 is to be considered an integral part of this document.

2.2 The purpose of this vocabulary is to present those terms in the English and French languages that are specific to the area of information technology and to define the meanings that are commonly understood by those terms.

2.3 This vocabulary reflects Canadian government usage of the terms. All the definitions given have national (CSA) approval and many of the definitions have international (ISO) approval. It does not include those words and meanings that are used and understood in common language.

2.4 In 1984, on the recommendation of the Government EDP Standards Committee, the Treasury Board approved GES/NGI-12/G03-1984-03-26 as a federal government standard.

On July 15, 1987, Treasury Board delegated to TBS the authority to update eight existing TB approved EDP standards and to reissue information technology standards provided that there is no change to the intent of the standard. The Information Technology Vocabulary was one of these eight standards.

3. Application

3.1 This TBITS should be of assistance whenever and wherever information technology terms are used.

3.2 Correct usage of terms as defined in this vocabulary will assist when a document must be translated into the other official language.

4. Qualifications

4.1 The terms and definitions contained in CAN/CSA Z243.58 are specific to the field of information technology.

5. Implementation

5.1 The provisions in this publication are effective November 1, 1992. All relevant documentation for systems specified for procurement after the effective date must comply with this standard.

6. Certification of compliance

6.1 This section is not applicable.

7. Specifications

7.1 TBITS-23 (Information Technology Vocabulary) specifications are contained in the CAN/CSA Z243.58 standard.

8. Federal Government Working Group on Information Technology Vocabulary

  • H. Cormier (Chairperson) SEC
  • J. Côté TBS
  • J. Doyle SEC
  • F. Farrell NRC
  • D. Hasler HWC
  • S. Johnson PWC
  • L. Meek DND
  • F. Mouzart SEC
  • D. Peate CCAC
  • D. Reid SEC
  • J. Simard RCMP
  • N. Snow AGR
  • N. Suchma SEC
  • M. Stevens TBS
  • C. Thomas OCG

9. Where to Obtain Copies

Copies of the Technical Specification may be obtained as follows:

CAN/CSA Z243.58, Information Technology Vocabulary
Canadian Standards Association
178 Rexdale Boulevard
Rexdale, Ontario
M9W 1R3

Tel: (416) 747-4000
Fax: (416) 747-2475

The Technical Specification is presented in English and French.

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