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The figure is a process flow diagram comprising activities, connectors, inputs/outputs and decisions.

The process begins with inputs from subprocess 5.1.8 – Perform Account Verification (Compensation) and subprocess  5.1.11 – Manage Post-Payroll, both of which create the output titled "supporting documentation", which is an input to activity Verify that supporting documentation is complete.  This activity is followed by the decision titled "Complete?".  The NO proceeds to activity – Resolve Discrepancies, which is followed by  the decision titled "Overpayment?".  The YES proceeds to process 2.1 Manage Revenues, Receivables and Receipts. The NO returns to the former decision "Overpayment?".

From the "Complete?" decision, the Yes flow continue to activity – Confirm that payee is eligible for payment, followed by activity -  Validate that three-way match occurred, then activity  - Ensure Financial Coding is correct. The subprocess then flows to activity -  Verify accuracy of transaction. This sequence of activities then flows to a decision titled "All information is accurate, valid and complete?".  The No flow returns to activity – Resolve discrepancies, which then flows to the "complete?" decision following activity – Verify that supporting documentation is complete or to  process 2.1 Manage Revenue, Receivables and Receipts.

The Yes flow  from the decision "All information is accurate, valid and complete?" results in the output "FAA section 34 verification completed" and then proceeds to another decision titled "Adjustment to Commitments or Salary Forecast Required?". The Yes flow proceeds to subprocesses 5.1.4  - Manage Commitments or to subprocess 5.1.5 Update Salary Forecast, after which the flow joins the No flow to the subprocess 5.1.11 Manage Post-Payroll.

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