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The figure is a process flow diagram comprising activities, connectors, inputs/outputs and decisions.

The process begins with the Request for Pay Transaction input from subprocess 5.1.9 – Perform Payment Authority.

This request flows into activity – Process pay, which is out of scope of this guideline and produces the output "payroll register" which leads to the decision titled "non-entitlement?".

The Yes flow proceeds to activity – Stop Payment, which is followed by a second decision titled "Successful?". The Yes flow proceeds to subprocess 5.1.7  - Manage Pay Pre-Payroll. The No flow proceeds to common business process 2.1 Manage Revenue, Receivables, and Receipts.

The No flow from the "Non-entitlement?" decision proceeds to the output Payment Requistion (out of scope), followed by the activity -  Submit Payment Request to SPS (out of scope), then – Issue Payment (out of scope), followed by – Process SPS Return Payment fIle (out of scope) and finally activity – Process PS-GL Control Accounts.  This latter activity results in the output "Payroll control and payroll account balance reports", which is an input into common business proct des ess 8.2 – Manage Financial Close.

Activity Results in outputs "Detailed expenditure extract file" and "Cheques and stubs", both of which lead to subprocess 5.1.11 - Manage Post Payment

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