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The figure is a process flow diagram comprising activities, connectors, inputs/outputs and decisions.

The process begins with inputs from processes 5.1.2 - Determine / Exercise Funds Availability, 5.1.3  - Manage Funds Availability, 5.1.4  - Manage Commitment and 5.1.5 – Update Salary Forecast. All provide inputs into activity Determine Required Transaction Authority, which is followed by the decision titled "Can authority be obtained?".  The NO flow ends the process. The YES flow proceeds to any one or combination of 14 Common HR Business Processes that result in pay transactions:

These activities proceed to subprocesses 5.1.3-  Manage funds availability, 5.14 – Manage Commitment or 5.1.5 Update Salary Forecast then continue to both activity Exercise or obtain transaction authority and activity Exercise or obtain S.34 certification.  Upon the completion of both of these activities, the process creates the output titled "FAA section 34 certification and transaction authority", which is then input into subprocess 5.1.7 Manage Pay Pre-Payroll.

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