Rescinded [2017-10-18] - Guideline On Common Financial Management Business Process 5.1 - Pay Administration

This document, the 'Guideline on Common Financial Management Business Process for Pay Administration' or 'FM-BP/PA', defines the HR/Finance Pay Administration Model (referred hereafter as the Pay Administration Model or PAM), which documents common HR and finance pay-related processes, data, roles and responsibilities, and authoritative sources. The HR/Finance Pay Administration Model is a 'should be' model that reflects best practices and definitions under the current Government of Canada (GC) systems and policy frameworks, specifically identifying how financial policy and the Financial Administration Act (FAA) and other legislation apply to the pay administration process.
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OCHRO has identified 7 level 1 processes in it common HR business process initiative. Process 1, Human Resource Planning, work and Organizational design and reporting and Process 7, Workplace management, span the remaining five processes, which are depicted in a chain: Process 2 Job and position management, Process 3, Staffing and Employee Integration, Process 4, Total Compensation, Process 5, Employee performance, learning, development and recognition and finishing with process 6, Permanent and temporary separations.

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