Rescinded [2017-10-18] - Guideline On Common Financial Management Business Process 5.1 - Pay Administration

This document, the 'Guideline on Common Financial Management Business Process for Pay Administration' or 'FM-BP/PA', defines the HR/Finance Pay Administration Model (referred hereafter as the Pay Administration Model or PAM), which documents common HR and finance pay-related processes, data, roles and responsibilities, and authoritative sources. The HR/Finance Pay Administration Model is a 'should be' model that reflects best practices and definitions under the current Government of Canada (GC) systems and policy frameworks, specifically identifying how financial policy and the Financial Administration Act (FAA) and other legislation apply to the pay administration process.
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This diagram depicts the various roles by four categories.

Requirements Framework roles are the Office of the Comptroller General, the Chief Information Officer Branch, and the Office of the Chief Human Resource Office. All of these organizations are within the Treasury Board Secretariat.

The next category, Financial Management roles, are Corporate Finance, Financial Services and Responsibility centre manager. These roles are all found within the Department.

Compensation roles are also all within the Department. They are, Employee, Responsibility centre manager, Compensation and Other HR functions.

The roles within the final Category, Central Services are all within PWGSC. They are:  Compensation Sector, Central Accounting and Reporting Sector, and Banking and Cash Management Sector.

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