Rescinded [2018-05-29] - Guideline on Claims and Ex Gratia Payments

Assists managers and staff to increase the efficiency, expediency and timeliness for the settling and paying of claims by or against the Crown and against its employees, and for processing ex gratia payments.
Date modified: 2009-10-01

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Legal Services' Responsibilities

  1. If a legal opinion is required, Legal Services will review the claim and provide a legal opinion or advice;
  2. If legal liability exists or if an ex gratia payment under $2,000 is required, this advice will include steps to resolve the claim and terms and conditions of payment. Then the payment process if followed;
  3. If a legal liability does not exist and an ex gratia payment over $2,000 is required, the Deputy Head has to approve it under section 34 of FAA. Then the payment process is followed; and
  4. If a legal liability does not exist and an ex gratia payment is not required, Legal Services prepare advice on justification of denial of claim and inform the claimant of denial.

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