Rescinded [2018-05-29] - Guideline on Claims and Ex Gratia Payments

Assists managers and staff to increase the efficiency, expediency and timeliness for the settling and paying of claims by or against the Crown and against its employees, and for processing ex gratia payments.
Date modified: 2009-10-01

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  1. Manager receives incident information and investigates and documents the incident. A legal opinion is required when substantial sums are at stake or when there is uncertainty as to the relevant facts or applicable legal principles;
  2. Manager sends the documentation of incident to Legal Services for legal advice/opinion;
  3. If litigation is required, litigation takes place (detailed process is not shown) and Legal Services will advise the manager of the outcome of the litigation process and whether recovery action is required;
  4. If litigation is not required, Legal Service will advise the manager whether there is any further recovery action required; and
  5. If recovery action is required as advised by Legal Services, the manager will request that finance issues an invoice for recovery.

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