Rescinded [2017-04-01] - Directive on Recording Financial Transactions in the Accounts of Canada

Outlines the requirements for developing and maintaining a classification of accounts structure for the organization that is based on the government–wide classification structure.
Date modified: 2010-08-12

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Description of graphic in Appendix B — Recording Financial Transaction in the Accounts of Canada, Directive on

The appendix B chart reflects the government-wide classification structure and sample departmental chart of accounts. It includes six government-wide classifications for financial transactions: Responsibility, Financial Reporting, Authority, Program, Objects and Transaction Type. These six classifications are made up of the financial coding block used for recording financial transactions.

In the Central Systems:

  • Responsibility represents department/agency by assigning a specific number for each department/agency and consequently grouped to provide a ministry summary.
  • Financial Reporting Account identifies different levels of reporting account, including asset, liability, revenue etc;
  • Authority identifies budgetary/non-budgetary, statutory/non-statutory, and appropriation;
  • Program represents the department's Program Activity Architecture;
  • Objects identifies category, sub-category, standard object and reporting object of financial transactions;
  • Transaction Type identifies whether the financial transaction is internal or external to the government.

At the Departmental level:

  • Responsibility identifies responsibility centres, from low level to high level, such as from Division/Directorate/Region to Branch and Department;
  • Financial Reporting identifies Level 5 of the Financial Reporting Account;
  • Authority identifies allotment, and sub-allotment;
  • Program Activity further identifies sub-activity, activity element;
  • Object identifies economic, source or class object, line object;
  • Transaction type identifies the type of financial transactions: internal or external.

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