Acquisition Cards Program - Transfer of operational responsibility for the Government of Canada


To: National Departmental Acquisition Card Coordinators

Cc: Senior Full-time Financial Officers (SFFO)

From: Cheryl Munro
A/Senior Director, Financial Management Policy Application
Treasury Board Secretariat

Judy Prince
A/Director, Banking Arrangements
Public Works and Government Services Canada

Subject: Transfer of operational responsibility for the Government of Canada Acquisition Cards Program

This is to announce that responsibility for the operations of the acquisition cards program and related contracts will be transferred to Public Works and Government Services Canada effective September 1, 2006. Program policy will continue to be the responsibility of the Treasury Board Secretariat.

This transfer is consistent with the mandate of PWGSC to negotiate and administer agreements for banking services with financial institutions on behalf of the Receiver General for Canada.

Day-to-day operation of the acquisition cards program will not change. Therefore, you should continue to deal with the card-issuing companies for card issuance, cancellation, and invoicing. However, after August 31, 2006, you should direct your questions to PWGSC, including all requests to pilot new services or expand the current program. Requests related to policy interpretation and the type of purchases that may be made with the acquisition card should continue to be directed to the appropriate Treasury Board representative.

Over the coming months, PWGSC and TBS will be updating documentation related to the acquisition card program and will be communicating these updates to Departmental Card Coordinators.

Should you require additional information regarding the details of this transfer, please do not hesitate to contact Richard Inomata of TBS at 613-946-4221, Irena Dixon of TBS at 613-957-9690, or Benoît Bernier of PWGSC at 819-956-0239.

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