Workplace Day Care Centres

Assist employees who need daycare for their children so they can pursue careers in the federal public service.
Date modified: 2001-10-11

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custodian department (ministère qui a la garde)
for a worksite is the department responsible for the administration and control of the real property in question;
fit-up (aménagement)

federally subsidized fit-up, for the purposes of this policy only, includes:

  • basic wall structures (painted);
  • a landscaped exterior with proper enclosures (fences);
  • kitchens, including sinks, cupboards and counters;
  • washrooms;
  • appropriate lighting and ventilation and
  • water and hydro connections (aménagement);
lead department (ministère principal)
is the department responsible for meeting the requirements of section 2 of this policy. If a number of user departments are interested in sharing the services of a single workplace day care centre, a lead department must be selected from the group;
municipalities or census subdivisions (municipalités et les subdivisions de recensement)
are those used to code the geographic locations of employees;
parent (parent)
includes guardian;
user department (ministère usager)
refers to a single department or group of departments whose employees have indicated an intention to use a centre. Funding arrangements are determined by the user departments involved (paragraph 2.4);
wrap-up costs (coûts de remise à neuf)
are those associated with preparing the space for a new tenant, should the day care centre close.
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