Performance pay for represented employees in the Administrative and Foreign Service Category

Applies to employees in the public service as specified in Part I, Schedule I, the Public Service Staff Relations Act who are classified at senior levels in the administrative and foreign service categories and who are subject to a collective agreement for which a performance pay range has been negotiated.
Date modified: 1991-11-01

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increment (augmentation)
eans the amount representing the difference between successive rates in the performance pay range, or $500 (augmentation);
lowest pay increment (augmentation de la rémunération en plus faible)
or the purposes of section 24 of the Public Service Terms and Conditions Employment Regulations shall be an amount equivalent to two increments in the performance pay range, or $1,000 (augmentation de la rémunération en plus faible);
review committee (comité de révision)
eans a committee established by the deputy head to review the performance of all employees in levels for which performance pay ranges have been approved (comité de révision).
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