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Work Force Adjustment Planning Checklist

Activity Have steps been taken to:
Business, employment equity and HR planning
  • Update and assess potential impacts, risks and future needs?
Critical path
  • Identify affected employees by region, branch, work unit, group and level, and function?
  • Put in place senior management and work force adjustment committees?
  • Establish internal governance structure and ensure clear roles and responsibilities?
  • Assess potential for alternation?
  • Determine and document strategies for selection for retention and lay-off decisions, e.g. merit criteria, assessment methods/tools, timing, etc.?
Engagement and communications
  • Draft communications plan and engagement strategy?
  • Arrange meetings with responsible bargaining agents at the national or regional levels?
Information to support decision-making
  • Gather departmental data, including attrition and retirement information?
  • Review systems, tools and reports to ensure up-to-date and adequate for demand?
  • Designate resources, or engage counsellors, to ensure adequate support to employees during transition?
  • Ensure managers, HR advisors and compensation specialists are familiar with work force adjustment and executive career transition directives?
Activity Are mechanisms in place to:
Guarantee of reasonable job offer (GRJO)
  • Consult the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer about system-wide impacts before GRJO decisions are finalized?
Priority administration
  • Inform the Public Service Commission about priority entitlements?
  • Notify the Chief Human Resources Officer (4 working days) and bargaining agents (2 working days) before informing employees about work force adjustment situations?
  • Facilitate and process alternation requests?
Audit readiness
  • Track all communications, actions and decisions related to work force adjustment and career transition situations?
  • Maintain records? Records must include, as a minimum information about:
    • Employees affected by workforce adjustment and career transition
    • Employees offered options, their decisions and associated costs
    • Employees declared surplus with GRJO and without (reasons)
    • Employees provided retraining, including associated costs
    • Placement efforts and results, including salary protection status
    • Reasonable job offers made and accepted or refused
    • Employees laid-off and the reasons
    • Executive career decisions, including terms of any negotiated agreements
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