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Human Resources Planning

"We will continue to stress the importance of effective integrated business and human resources planning as the foundation for shaping the public service of the future."

2009-10 Public Service Renewal Action Plan

In his call for Public Service renewal the Clerk of the Privy Council directed federal departments and agencies to improve human resources planning as part of integrated business planning. An important part of this integrated approach is succession planning and management. Taken together, these planning processes help identify, develop, and retain the talent necessary to achieve current and projected business objectives.

Human Resources Planning Guide

Human resources planning is the process of identifying current and future human resources needs. It involves securing the right people, building a supportive work environment and developing the capacity to ensure the organization's success and a confident future for the Public Service.

Succession Planning and Management Guide

Succession planning and management is an essential component of the broader human resources planning process. It involves an integrated, systematic approach for identifying, developing, and retaining capable and skilled employees in line with current and projected business objectives.

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