Message sent on behalf of Mrs. Suzie Gignac, Executive Director, Government Accounting Policy and Reporting. Office of the Comptroller General

The purpose of this note is to:

  1. Provide guidance to departments on the calculation of the severance pay liability for eligible employees for inclusion in departmental financial statements;
  2. Communicate the Government contribution rate for the public service pension plan for disclosure in departmental financial statements

Severance Pay Liability

The Accounting Treatment related to Severance Pay Liability as at March 31, 2011

provides additional information on how to calculate the severance liability and expense relating to severance for Public Service employees, coding for the accounting transactions and the financial statement disclosure requirements. Note that this liability was devolved to departments in 2005-06.

Departments should strive to record this adjustment in P12-1.

Pension Benefits – Government contribution rate by employees for the Public Service Pension Plan

Both the employees and the department contribute to the cost of the Plan. The 2010-11 expense represents approximately 1.9 times (1.9 times for 2009-10) the contributions by employees. This rate is for disclosure in the relevant note of your departmental financial statements.

Should you have any questions related to the calculations for the severance pay liability or the contribution rate, please contact Michael Hammond at (613) 952-5460 or Contact Michael Hammond by email: Questions related to presentation of these items in the departmental financial statements should be directed to Anne-Marie Dionne at (613) 952-1004 or Contact Anne-Marie Dionne by email:

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