These technical specifications (T-130) set out the requirements for reproducing the Canada Wordmark. The Canada Wordmark is the global identifier of the Government of Canada. It is used in close association with the Government of Canada signature or a departmental signature, regardless if the department's signature incorporates the flag symbol or the Arms of Canada. The Canada Wordmark is composed of a graphically modified typeface and the flag symbol.

Consult your Federal Identity Program coordinator for direction and guidance.

Figure T-130: The Canada Wordmark displayed in the government's corporate colours (on the left) and the Canada Wordmark as displayed on a dark background (on the right).

Figure T-130: The Canada Wordmark


  1. To ensure the integrity of the Canada Wordmark the following criteria apply:
    • the Canada Wordmark may not be altered in any way
    • it is displayed prominently, in generous open space, free from close association with any interfering or distracting elements
    • it may not appear on a visually conflicting background
    • the Canada Wordmark and the signature are displayed as two distinct elements
    • the Canada Wordmark may not form part of a headline, phrase or sentence
  2. Quality of reproduction: All reproductions of the Canada Wordmark are based on the approved electronic master. The Canada Wordmark is composed of distinctive and customized letterforms combined with the flag symbol. The figures above illustrate accurate reproductions of the Canada Wordmark.
  3. Protection zone: The protection zone is an area extending for a distance equal to the height of the "C", to the right, above and below, and twice that measurement to the left of the Canada Wordmark. The background of the protection zone is a single solid colour.
  4. Modifications are prohibited: The Canada Wordmark is protected under trade-mark and copyright laws and cannot be modified. This includes: altering its proportions, opacity or displaying it vertically; translating it into another language, or combining it with any other form, text or layered image.
  5. Use of colour: The Canada Wordmark appears in one of the following formats:
    • Black letterforms with a red flag symbol on a white or very light background
    • Black letterforms with a black flag symbol on a contrasting light or medium background
    • White letterforms with a white flag symbol on a contrasting medium or dark background
    • White letterforms with a red flag symbol on a dark and illuminated background.
    • A single colour for both letterforms and flag symbol on a highly contrasting background

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