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Text description of Human Resources And Social Development - Program Activity Architecture

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
Program Activity Architecture

Achieving Results for Canadians
Excellence in Everything We Do

Mission: Build a stronger and more competitive Canada, to support Canadians in making choices that help them live productive and rewarding lives, and to improve Canadians' quality of life.

Strategic Outcome 1

A skilled, adaptable and inclusive labour force and an efficient labour market

Skills and Employment

  • Employment Insurance
  • Inclusive Labour Force
  • Skilled Labour Force
  • Labour Market Efficiency


  • Student Financial Assistance
  • Canada Education Savings Program

Strategic Outcome 2

Safe, fair and productive workplaces and cooperative workplace relations


  • Mediation and Conciliation
  • Workplace Safety, Standards and Equity
  • International Labour Affairs
  • Workplace Information

Strategic Outcome 3

Income security, access to opportunities and well-being for individuals, families and communities

Income Security

  • Old Age Security
  • Canada Pension Plan
  • National Child Benefit
  • Canada Disability Savings Program

Social Development

  • Homelessness Partnering Strategy
  • Social Development Partnerships Program
  • New Horizons for Seniors Program
  • Universal Child Care Benefit
  • Enabling Accessibility Fund
  • Federal Elder Abuse Initiative

Strategic Outcome 4

Service excellence for Canadians

Citizen-Centered Service

  • Government of Canada Information to Citizens
  • Applications Intake
  • Identification and Authentication
  • Client Feedback Management
  • Marketing

Integrity and Processing

  • Integrity
  • Individual Benefit Processing
  • Service Processing

Internal Services

Support to achieving the strategic outcomes

  • Management and Oversight Services
  • Communications Services
  • Legal Services
  • Human Resources Management Services
  • Financial Management Services
  • Information Management Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Real Property Services
  • Material Services
  • Acquisition Services
  • Travel and Other Administrative Services

The HRSDC Program Activity Architecture (PAA) is a representation of the programs offered by HRSDC and the results (strategic outcomes) that the programs are designed to achieve for Canadians. The PAA) also includes a program activity for services that are internal to the Department and are important in supporting the achievement of HRSDC's four strategic outcomes.

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