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Departmental Performance Report

Canada School of Public Service

Supplementary Information (Tables)

Table of Contents

Table 3: Sources of Respendable and Non-respendable Revenue

Respendable Revenues:

Planned Revenues are those forecasted to be collected at the time of the publication of the 2007-2008 Report on Plans and Priorities.

Total Authorities are the revenues collected in 2007-2008 plus the carry forward of collected revenues in 2006-2007 pursuant to section 18(2) of the Canada School of Public Service Act.

The Actuals are the expenditures incurred in fiscal year 2007-2008 in order to bring in revenues. The $14.4 million variance between Total Authorities and the Actuals will be carried forward to year two (i.e. 2008-2009)

Respendable Revenue
($ thousands) Actual 2005-2006 Actual 2006-2007 Main Estimates Planned Revenue Total Authorities Actual
Develop, manage, disseminate knowledge products1 $3,093 - - - - -
Manage the provision of learning services1 $16,381 - - - - -
Public servants able to perform in their current job, take on the challenges of the next job in a dynamic, bilingual environment - $19,123 $10,233 $10,233 $53,983 $41,319
Public Service has strong leaders delivering results for Canadians - $5,261 $4,731 $4,731 $7,785 $7,435
Public Service organizations innovate to achieve excellence in delivering results for Canadians - $2,366 $5,036 $5,036 $5,187 $3,789
Total Respendable Revenue $19,474 $26,750 $20,000 $20,000 $66,955 $52,543

1Adjustments have been made to the program activity architecture for the Canada School of Public Serviced due to a change in focus of its mandate. As a result, the program activity Develop, Manage, Disseminate Knowledge Products and the program activity Manage the Provision of Learning Services have been replaced by three new program activities which better reflect the business model of the School.

Non-Respendable Revenues:

The Actuals reflected for 2005-2006 are based on the previous Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD) non-respendable revenue forecasts. The Actuals reflected for 2006-2007 are revenues collected which were not eligible to be respent by the Canada School of Public Service. These revenues had to be returned to the consolidated revenue fund (CRF) since they were collected after CSPS' cut off for carry forward eligibility.

The Total Authorities in 2007-2008 are also revenues collected which are not eligible to be respent by the CSPS. These revenues have to be returned to the CRF since they were collected after CSPS' cut off for carry forward eligibility.

Non-respendable Revenue
($ millions) Actual 2005-2006 Actual 2006-2007 Main Estimates Planned Revenue Total Authorities Actual
Canada School of Public Service $6,143 $480 N/A N/A $498 N/A
Total Non-respendable Revenue $6,143 $480 N/A N/A $498 N/A

Table 4: User Fees/External Fees

2007-2008 User Fee Reporting Template 4-A: User Fees Act
  2007–2008 Planning Years
A. User Fee Fee Type Fee-setting Authority Date Last Modified Forecast Revenue($000) Actual Revenue ($000) Full Cost ($000) Performance Standard1 Performance Results1 Fiscal Year Forecast Revenue ($000) Estimated Full Cost ($000)
Fees charged for the processing of access requests filed under the Access to Information Act (ATIA) Other products and services Access to Information Act 1992 0 0.06 52.76 Response provided within 30 days following receipt of request; the response time may be extended pursuant to section 9 of the ATIA. Notice of extension to be sent within 30 days after receipt of request 30 day processing standard met 2008-2009

Table 5: Details on Project Spending

  Current Estimated Total Cost Actuals 2006-2007 Main Estimates Planned Spending Total Authorities Actuals
Corporate Level Services:
Registration Systems Project Definition - PPA $1,341 $773 $369 $369 $610 $551
Registration Systems Project Implementation - EPA $4,039 $0 $2,335 $2,335 $2,276 $0
Total $5,380 $773 $2,704 $2,704 $2,886 $551

Table 6: Response to Parliamentary Committees and External Audits

Response to the Auditor General (including to the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development)

The March 2008 Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD) - Chapter 9: Management Tools and Government Commitments - Strategic Environmental Assessment.

This audit included an assessment of selected courses offered by the Canada School of Public Service to determine whether they now cover strategic environmental assessment (SEA) as well as an assessment of the progress made in addressing a recommendation made in 2004.

In a 2004 report by the CESD - Chapter 4, it noted that more training was needed to support SEA efforts and recommended that, "The Canada School of Public Service assess how the Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals could be referenced in the courses it offers to senior managers in the federal public service. At the very least, all policy courses should refer to the directive."

The 2008 report concluded that progress in addressing the recommendation to improve training on SEAs is satisfactory and that training and guidance on SEA has increased and is accessible in courses delivered by the Canada School of Public Service. No further recommendations were made to the Canada School of Public Service.

External Audits (Note: These refer to other external audits conducted by the Public Service Commission of Canada or the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages)

The Canada Public Service Agency - Audit of Communications with and Services to the Public in Both Official Languages in Offices Within Alberta

This audit, conducted by the Canada Public Service Agency, covered 33 offices and facilities in 12 federal institutions located in Alberta. The audit examined their compliance with and performance against the Policy on the Use of Official Languages for Communications with and Services to the Public, the Directive on the Use of Official Languages on Web Sites, and the Directive on the Use of Official Languages in Electronic Communications as it pertains to communications with and services to the public.

The audit made three recommendations to the Canada School of Public Service for which corrective measures have been implemented. The recommendations and corrective measures are as follows:

Recommendation: Take action in the Calgary office to ensure that the public is greeted in both official languages when arriving on site

Response: The Calgary office is not a walk-in access office; typical traffic consists of individuals scheduled for an appointment or actively taking a course. All officers at the Calgary office have been reminded by email to greet all visitors (appointment or ad hoc) in both official languages. Employees are bilingual where necessary and services are available in both official languages.

Recommendation: Take steps to ensure that all signs posted in the Edmonton office for the safety and security of the visiting public are in both official languages

Response: All permanent signs in the Edmonton office are in bilingual format. The Exit/Sortie signs have always been in place. Signs are provided by building maintenance through Public Works and Government Service Canada (PWGSC) and SNC Profac (building management); the School will ask them to ensure all signs, including temporary signs, are in bilingual format.

Recommendation: Translate the Alberta course catalogue and ensure its availability in both official languages.

Response: The Alberta course catalogue has always been a bilingual product; the same version is distributed to both the Edmonton and Calgary offices. However, the receptionist at that time may not have been aware the catalogue was in a bilingual format. Staff has since been reminded via email that the catalogue is bilingual and that copies are available in print and electronic formats.

Table 7: Internal Audits and Evaluations

Internal Audits (current reporting period)
Name of Internal Audit Audit Type Status Completion Date Electronic Link to Report
Audit of Selected Contracting Activities at the Canada School of Public Service Compliance Completed Nov. 16, 2007

Evaluations (current reporting period)
Name of Evaluation Program Activity Evaluation Type Status Completion Date Electronic Link to Report
Orientation to the Public Service: A Review of Program Performance 2006-2007 1.1.1 Performance Information Report Completed June 2007  
First Two Years of Implementation: CSPS Responsibilities under the Public Service Modernization Act Learning Strategy 1.1.2 Formative Evaluation Completed December 2007  
Language Training under the Action Plan on Official Languages from 2003-04 to 2006-07 1.1.3 Performance Information Report Completed July 2007  
CSPS Campusdirect Customized Courses 1.1.4 Quality Assessment Report Completed August 2007  
Electronic Link to Evaluation Plan: N/A