The Government of Canada's approach to advertising is guided by the principles of value for money, transparency and accountability. Cabinet approves all advertising campaigns.

All advertising activities and expenditures, regardless of the source of funds, are published in the Annual Report on Government of Canada Advertising Activities.

Refer to About government advertising for more information.

Funding for Advertising

Funding for advertising activities can come from the Central Advertising Fund, and/or from departmental reference levels. Allocations from the Central Advertising Fund are indicated below and updated quarterly.

Contracts for Advertising and Public Opinion Research

All contracts related to advertising are posted on and contracts over $10,000 are posted on departmental websites under Transparency.

Public Opinion Research Reports on advertising contracted by the Government of Canada are available in a searchable database and are also published in the Annual Report on Public Opinion Research in the Government of Canada.

Allocations from the Central Advertising Fund for 2016 – 2017

The tables that follow list current year allocations. This information is updated in January, April, July and October. Advertising allocations for previous years are also available.

– (Quarter 1)

No new advertising allocations were made during Quarter 1

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