Through their work behaviours, heads of evaluation in federal departments and agencies demonstrate competencies that support them in their roles as strategic advisors to deputy heads and primary evaluation experts within their organizations.

This competency profile defines the behaviours that heads of evaluation need to demonstrate in order to fulfill the responsibilities outlined for them in the Policy on Evaluation, the Directive on the Evaluation Function, and the Standard on Evaluation for the Government of Canada. The profile constitutes the competency requirements that the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat has established for heads of evaluation, which are referenced in the Directive on the Evaluation Function. In large departments and agencies, heads of evaluation are responsible to meet competency requirements by March 31, 2013 and deputy heads are responsible to ensure compliance with these requirements.

These leadership competencies for heads of evaluation complement and build upon the Key Leadership Competencies that were defined by the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer and are used for talent management within the Government of Canada. In developing these competency requirements, the Secretariat recognized the significant variations that exist across departmental evaluation functions in terms of organizational structure and occupational groups and levels, so that heads of evaluation in all departments and agencies can identify themselves in the profile.

These competency requirements can assist deputy heads when hiring or designating new heads of evaluation for their organizations. The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat is also developing a framework to assist deputy heads in determining whether or not incumbent heads of evaluation meet the competency requirements and for identifying learning priorities and professional development opportunities. The framework may also aid in succession planning for the head of evaluation position or role.

Competencies and Behavioural Indicators

Evaluation Expertise

Possesses and applies broad knowledge of evaluations and evaluation practice

Values and Ethics

Builds and nurtures a culture of integrity and respect within the evaluation function and in its work

Values and Ethics

Professional Credibility

Strategic thinking

Understands and adapts to the internal and external environments affecting the organization and the evaluation function


Organizational Awareness and Strategic Orientation


Builds and nurtures trusting relationships within and outside the evaluation function

Interpersonal Relations


Teamwork and Partnering

Management Excellence

Manages the evaluation function effectively and efficiently

Action Management

People and Financial Management

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