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Alphabetical list of archived collective agreements in the system
GroupGroup and sub-group abbreviationCodeUnionSigning dateExpiry date
Air Traffic Control HTML (PDF, 436KB) Air Traffic Control (AI) 402 the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association (CATCA) Unifor Local 54542017-11-272018-06-30
Aircraft Operations HTML (PDF, 351KB) Aircraft Operations (AO) 401 Canadian Federal Pilots Association 2011-01-012015-01-25
Audit, Commerce and Purchasing HTML (PDF, 1.3KB) Audit, Commerce and Purchasing (AV [AU, CO, PG]) 204/309/311 Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada2017-04-282018-06-21
Computer Systems HTML (PDF, 1.5KB) Computer Systems (CS) 303 Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada2017-02-042018-12-21
Correctional Services HTML (PDF, 617KB) Correctional Services (CX) 601 Union of Canadian Correctional Officers - Syndicat des agents correctionnels du Canada (CSN)2018-02-202018-05-31
Education and Library Science HTML (PDF, 893KB) Education and Library Science (EB [ED, EU, LS]) 209/215/414 Public Service Alliance of Canada2017-06-142018-06-30
Economics and Social Science Services HTML (PDF, 523KB) Economics and Social Science Services (EC) 231 Canadian Association of Professional Employees2017-05-242018-06-21
Electronics HTML (PDF, 588KB) Electronics (EL) 404 Local 2228 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 2017-06-272018-08-31
Border Services HTML (PDF, 667KB) Border Services (FB) 610 Public Service Alliance of Canada2018-07-032018-06-20
Financial Management HTML (PDF, 476KB) Financial Management (FI) 304 Association of Canadian Financial Officers 2017-04-132018-11-06
Foreign Service HTML (PDF, 420KB) Foreign Service (FS) 312 the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers2018-06-192018-06-30
Law Practitioner HTML (PDF, 537KB) Law Practitioner (LP) 214 Association of Justice Counsel 2017-11-072018-05-09
Architecture, Engineering and Land Survey HTML (PDF, 1.3KB) Architecture, Engineering & Land Survey (NR [AR, EN]) 203/210 Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada2017-11-072018-09-30
Program and Administrative Services HTML (PDF, 767KB) Program and Administrative Services (PA [AS, CM, CR, DA, IS, OE, PM, ST, WP]) 301/305/308/310/
Public Service Alliance of Canada2017-06-142018-06-20
Non-Supervisory Printing Services HTML (PDF, 388KB) Non-Supervisory Printing Services (PR(NS)) 609 Communications, Energy and Paperworks Union of Canada - Local 588G 2012-02-142014-09-30
Research HTML (PDF, 1.6KB) Research (RE [DS, HR, MA, SE]) 212/216/225/229 Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada2017-06-012018-09-30
Radio Operations HTML (PDF, 898KB) Radio Operations (RO) 409 Unifor Local 21822017-05-232018-04-30
Health Services HTML (PDF, 2.9KB) Health Services (SH [DE, MD, ND, NU, OP, PH, PS, SW, VM]) 207/213/217/219/
Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada2017-07-062018-09-30
Ships' Officers HTML (PDF, 444KB) Ships' Officers (SO) 410 Canadian Merchant Service Guild 2013-08-062014-03-31
Applied Science and Patent Examination HTML (PDF, 979KB) Applied Science & Patent Examination (SP [AC, AG, BI, CH, FO, MT, PC, SG-PAT, SG-SRE]) 201/202/205/206/
Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada2017-05-152018-09-30
Ship Repair (All Chargehand and Production Supervisor Employees Located on the East Coast) HTML (PDF, 405KB) Ship Repair (All Chargehand and Production Supervisor Employees Located on the East Coast) (SR (C)) 663 the Federal Government Dockyard Chargehands Association2017-07-132018-03-31
Ship Repair (East) HTML (PDF, 448KB) Ship Repair (East) (SR (E)) 611 the Federal Government Dockyard Trades and Labour Council (East)2017-06-302018-12-31
Ship Repair (West) HTML (PDF, 430KB) Ship Repair (West) (SR (W)) 614 Federal Government Dockyard Trades and Labour Council (Esquimalt)2017-06-302019-01-30
Operational Services HTML (PDF, 1.1KB) Operational Services (SV [FR, GL, GS, HP, HS, LI, PR(S), SC]) 602/603/604/605/
Public Service Alliance of Canada2017-06-142018-08-04
Technical Services HTML (PDF, 1.2KB) Technical Services (TC [DD, EG, GT, PI, PY, TI]) 403/405/406/407/
Public Service Alliance of Canada2017-06-142018-06-21
Translation HTML (PDF, 478KB) Translation (TR) 313 Canadian Association of Professional Employees2017-05-242018-04-18
University Teaching HTML (PDF, 423KB) University Teaching (UT) 227 Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association 2018-10-122018-06-30
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